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the restaurant

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Everyday, you will find among others fresh fish, red meat, as well as a special, changing daily, depending on the season. Here are a few:

Navarin d’agneau (stewed lamb), cuisses de canettes à l'orange (duck legs in an orange sance), petit salé aux lentilles (lentils with pork chine and smoked sausage), potée aux 2 choux (green and red cabbage hotpot, also with pork chine and smoked sausage), cassoulet (white beans with duck leg and sausage from Toulouse), gardiane de taureau (stewed bull, similar to a beef Bourguignon), etc.


Our dishes are cooked every morning by Ludovic, our Chef. They are exclusively made from fresh products, delivered daily by our partners, carefully chosen for their expertise.

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